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Saturday, October 12, 2013

It Is The Halloween Season And You Never Want To Be... Meals For Vampires!


Available on paper or Kindle Reader.

A long undead vampire laments not being able to admire her looks in the mirror. 

A love-struck man is confused about the ultimate intentions of his vampire lover.

An always hungry for human blood vampire muses over the taste of animal blood.

A vampire is pissed-off because his escaped prey knew martial arts. 

These are one line premises of four,
 Of the 25+ Horrorwalker Vampires short story tales,
In my Horrorwalker Travel Guide companion horror book…

Meals For Vampires!

These twisted horror tales, 
And horror poems, 
Are the recorded thoughts, 
And musings and missives,
Of mostly frustrated vampires who have found an outlet to express their long, 
Undead suffering.

Being a vampire in a modern world can be very difficult, 
Especially when modern prey might fight back… 
Even though…
In fact, we are all… 

Meals For Vampires!

Meals For Vampires 2 
will soon make its appearance to...
haunt your horror nights... 
and your horror days.

Wait for it...