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Thursday, November 13, 2014


The Introduction!

Dear Reader:
Welcome to the first of six volumes of... Meals For Vampires.

Please to allow me an introduction of myself. I am Ivan P. Romanov. I am a collector of prose and poetry created by a particular type of author. My clients and “acquaintances” that have provided me with examples of their work are extremely private persons and will only speak through me. Some do not even speak English. I am a part of this private group, and so I speak through my intermediary -- Ronald Lee Jones, the curator of the Horrorwalker World story site.

My fellow authors, and I, are all students and consumers and creators of the vampire genre of literature. We spend much of our waking hours researching vampire logic and lore. We exist to bring vampire knowledge and truth to the forefront of modern understanding. We take vampire stories and poetry and seek to expand upon what you think you know and what we have discovered as truth -- Vampire Logic.

Some of our writers write because of a need to vent their darker emotions. Some of our writers have submitted pieces to justify their past, and present, behavior. Others need to tell you why you should fear, and respect, Vampire Logic. All of our writers need to tell you why the vampire existence is a tortured existence, at best.

This is uncensored and uncut vampire logic! Our writers put their thoughts on parchment and we present their words as you are meant to receive them. The chill you feel in your spine when you read Meals For Vampires stories is the influence vampire tales have on your fragile soul.

If you have any questions about what you are about to read you may contact me through Master Ronald Lee Jones. Due to my particular line of “work” I can only be contacted during the dark hours between dusk to dawn. Intriguing tidbit of personal information, would you not say? Master Jones knows of all the personal particulars.

So, please to enjoy the fear and uneasiness you will experience as a fan of the vampire  horror genre! Here, for your perusal and consideration, are a few examples of the vampire stories -- out of thousands of pieces of individual work -- from the minds of the ‘men and women’ who discover and create vampire logic tales in... Meals For Vampires!



Your next bloody taste of Meals For Vampires will arrive very soon!
Watch your neck...